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living sustainability
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mjf sustainability consulting

#different is more

My vision

My vision is a development that is sustainably oriented. Together we develop ourselves, our society and our economy. If we bring back more responsibility and humanity into our economic system, we have good prospects for a better future!

 Sustainability in business means being financially sustainable as well as acting in a climate-friendly, environmentally sound and socially responsible manner. As an independent consultant and entrepreneur, I am able to contribute with my expertise to sustainably operating SMEs in Europe!


Fit for sustainability? Then the journey towards more sustainability can begin.

About Me

My name is Mariella.

My name is Mariella Julia Franz.

As a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional, I support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in conducting business sustainably so that they can contribute to a better future. My personal vision is that doing things differently can create added value for everyone.

#doing business differently #different is more

I look forward to networking with you!
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sustainability consulting

With mjf sustainability consulting, I offer SMEs individual consulting services at an international level.

Sustainability consulting is a vastly interdisciplinary and extremely multifaceted field. My sustainability services therefore initially focus on two key areas: the development of sustainability strategies and the fulfilment of reporting obligations (sustainability or ESG reporting).



Transparent reporting focused on material risks and impacts increases the success of applying and meeting the EU reporting standards. The universal standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serve as important guardrails. Stakeholders are involved; the company gains added value both internally and externally.


Sustainability strategy

"Make sustainability a business case!" The distinction makes the difference: differentiate from others and use sustainability as a competitive advantage! With the right focus on material impacts, the company can benefit from sustainability and the associated innovation impulses instead of being paralysed by "over-regulation" or crises.

Consulting is empowerment! I am concerned with empowering my clients to integrate economic, ecological and social sustainability goals into their mindset and actions.

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