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About Mariella

As a self-employed person, I contribute with my know-how to ensure that SMEs in Europe operate sustainably. In doing so, I focus on authenticity, trust and transparency. Our cooperation is the focus for me: a strong exchange is needed; I want to stay close to and with the client, for the successful realisation of goals in terms of sustainability!


My consulting concept shall not only be successful, but also true to the vision and meaningful - sustainability shall be lived!

Uniquely different

I am a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional. I am therefore well prepared for the EU reporting standards! As a member of various international communities, I am well connected in Europe and South America!
As a lawyer, I have many years of professional experience in international cooperation and intercultural legal advice for companies; since 2020, I have focused on sustainability in private sector organisations.


In 2021, I completed the Leading Sustainable Corporations Programme at Saïd Business School (University of Oxford); in 2022, I achieved the certification as a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional from the Global Reporting Initiative.


I am an open-minded, internationally versed person with interdisciplinary skills, which I like to apply in intercultural contexts.

Career path

My career path is atypical and therefore different. During my studies, I was drawn towards interdisciplinary interfaces and repeatedly abroad. My path so far in four steps:


Studies, training and further education

1995 – 2005

Austria, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Poland, Germany


Master of Laws, KFUni GrazUniv. de València



Court internship, Graz-Umgebung



Administrative Internship, European Comission Brussels

Postgraduale European Studies, College of Europe Natolin



Doctor of Laws, KFUni Graz

Research Assistant EU-TACIS Projects

Hanns Seidel Foundation

2006 – 2018

Brussels, Munich, Buenos Aires, La Paz

2006 –2009

Programme Manager, EU Development Policy and  Cooperation, Liaison Office Brussels

2010 – 2012

Project Manager and Country Representative in Bolivia

2010 – 2018

Project Manager and Country Representative in Argentina

2_Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung, Argentinien.JPG
3_Elzen Abogados, Buenos Aires.jpg

ELZEN Abogados S.A. - ECIJA Argentina

Legal advisory firm/law firm

2019 – 2021

Buenos Aires

mjf sustainability consulting

2021 to date

Vienna, Austria, Europe





Business licence for management consulting


Self-employed sustainability consultant and entrepreneur

Mariella Franz©A.Sommerfeld_Web-19.jpg

Any questions?

If you’d like to learn more about me or my professional career, visit my LinkedIn profile. 

I'm happy to network!

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