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sustainability services for SMEs

Whether it's climate change risk assessment or human rights violations in the supply chain, the pressure on our society is growing, but business is THE game changer: it's about HOW we do business better, in line with planetary boundaries. The "HOW" is increasingly regulated and most companies will in future have to disclose, according to unified standards, what effects their actions have on people, the environment and the economy and how these can be improved. By 2027, this will affect about 50,000 companies in the EU, of which about 2,000 are in Austria. Medium-sized and small enterprises (SMEs) will also be affected.


And what about your company? Is sustainability a problem for you, or have you already taken up the challenge? How I can support you:

Why sustainability consulting?

My Services


Sustainability reporting is the non-financial reporting. Large corporations and the financial sector know what we are talking about. In future, sustainability reports will be classified as equivalent to financial reports.


The reporting starts with an analysis of the application of the relevant EU directive (CSRD) and its normative implementation to your company and its sector.


The universally applicable standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) are applied by 78% of the 250 largest companies worldwide. They are to be used in a complementary way, especially where the ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) or EU standards have not yet matured with disclosure criteria. The GRI standards are an important guide, and the materiality assessment is based on them.

Reporting is the output of a comprehensive pathway; this traverses all relevant areas: EESG - material impacts on the economy (Economy), climate and the environment (Environment), people, including human rights (Social), corporate governance (Governance). In the EU, financial risks and opportunities of these impacts for the company will also be considered in the future (double materiality).


The added values of sustainability reporting include:

Supporting vision & strategy setting, risk management and impact assessment, creating transparency, achieving standardisation and comparability, access to ESG investments, loans and grants, credibility & reputation, stakeholder engagement, compliance.



Strategy development highlights the following areas:


     - Corporate purpose and value creation

     - Responding to climate change

     - Natural capital and resource management

     - Social sustainability

     - Corporate governance, risk and reporting

     - Levers of change towards greater corporate sustainability


Based on a catalogue of questions and the analysis of the answers, strategic goals with an associated action plan are developed. Where available, we look at best practice examples from the same or a comparable industry (practical implementation of sustainability strategies). Sustainability is to be implemented into the core business through the strategy. In this way, we do justice to a sustainability-oriented understanding of corporate success.

The reasons for more sustainability in companies range from complying with laws and regulations, managing risks and obtaining favourable credit, to increasing profitability and improving the company's image. However, the desire to contribute to MORE also comes into question as a reason and motivation.


SMEs in particular should be able to master the complex challenges of the future through more sustainability!

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Sustainability ChangeMaker programme GROW

With GROW, you and your team become pioneers in your industry. Inspire customers and business partners and increase the appeal of your company. 

At the end of the programme, you will be able to take on your own role as a ChangeMaker and actively initiate changes towards sustainability, develop innovative solutions and drive projects forward.

In this 2-day workshop, we deliberately combine methods from business, corporate management and innovation.

This enables all workshop participants to actively experience sustainability and to plan and implement concrete steps towards a more sustainable future. I am offering this programme in cooperation with my colleague Thomas Dorner from Intrinsicon e.U., and it will be held exclusively in German.


Consulting is empowerment! I am concerned with empowering your company to integrate economic, ecological and social sustainability goals into its mindset and actions.

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